Zinger vs. Zoomer Wheelchairs- Which Is Better?

Welcome to the Zinger vs Zoomer wheelchairs comparison review article. Zinger is one of the popular folding chairs you can buy. But some people prefer the traditional style. This is where the Zoomer wheelchair comes in. Both require two hands to operate and share great features. In this post, we’ll discuss zinger vs Zoomer wheelchairs and you’ll know which is better?
Zinger vs. Zoomer Wheelchairs Review

Which is the best wheelchair between Zinger vs Zoomers?

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Similarities Zoomer and Zinger Wheelchairs

Design and Purpose Serve
Both chairs can fit in doorways. Zoomer and Zinger are 16.5 inches wide, so they can maneuver in tight spaces. Generally, businesses (malls and restaurants) should have a door opening of 27 inches wide.

Both chairs come with a lithium-ion battery that runs up to 8 miles. The actual range depends on the speed and weight of the user. You’ll rarely use full charge in one day. There’s even an indicator that tells how much juice is left. The powerful 240 Watts Lithium-Ion batteries take 4 hours to charge.
Both chairs are not restricted to handicapped or disabled individuals. Since they work as personal electric vehicles, these are not medical devices. To use them, you must be able to get in and out.

You can take both Zinger and Zoomer on a plane. However, you must follow the basic instructions of the airline. If you’re not sure whether your chair will be allowed in, you should contact the airline for clarification. Plus, you must notify the flight attendant that you’ll be bringing a lithium-ion on board. A general procedure for handling lithium-ion batteries on a plane is to tape the terminals.

Mode Option
Both chairs have a reverse mode. You can back out by pushing your feet on the ground or putting your hands on the table as you do in an office chair.

Differences Zoomer and Zinger Wheelchairs

Zinger is more powerful than Zoomer. The latter has more weight capacity and can handle any terrain. If you’re restricted to one position, Zinger may not be the best option for you. The secret of the Zoomer is the revolutionary steering system. It gives precision maneuverability and can fit in a tight space. And because it allows you to pull to a desk or table, you don’t need another chair to work or eat.

Weight capacity
Another notable feature is the weight capacity. Zinger can support up to 275 pounds while Zoomer has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Folding System
When folded, the Zoomer wheelchair measures 46″L x 25″W x 12″H. On the other hand, zinger measures 38″ × 25″ × 10″ in length, width, and height respectively. When it is time to unfold, you don’t need additional tools to do the job. Due to the compact size of Zinger, it can fit on virtually the back seat of any car.

Speed Capacity
There’s also some difference in terms of speed. In the slow learning range, the Zinger wheelchair can reach up to 1 mph. On the fast range, the wheelchair can reach 6mph. Zoomer wheelchairs can reach speeds of up to 3.7 miles per hour.

When you buy a Zoomer wheelchair, you get a battery and charger. A hex key is also included if you decide to remove the armrests. Some of the accessories that come with the Zoomer are a cup holder, cane holder, spare batteries, and seatback bag.

Zinger comes fully assembled. It includes a battery, 2 keys, a cargo basket, and a charger. The second key is for securing the battery in place.

Benefits of Zinger and Zoomer Chairs

Zinger Chair Benefits

Easy to operate
Zinger chair gives you the freedom to engage in things that you love. Just the weight of your arms is enough to maneuver on smooth surfaces. However, you need more force on rough surfaces.

Compact size
Zinger wheelchair fits perfectly under the table or desk. Since the arms are 25″ off the ground, you can pull it just like a normal chair. This is something you can’t ignore because a standard desk is 28-30″ high. According to the Americans with Disability Act, the public seating should be 27″ from the bottom of the table surface. Of course, it’s designed to fit people of different sizes.

Other benefits include:

  • It features a lightweight design
  • It’s quick to fold (12 inches in seconds)
  • High capacity battery – up 8-mile range

Benefits of Zoomer Wheelchair

Zoomer wheelchair is a one-handed controlled chair. The joystick can be installed on either side of the chair. For Zinger, the control system requires that you use both hands due to the unique sporty control system.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Charging time of 4.5 hours
  • Offer a 10-degree climbing angle
  • The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds

Pros and Cons Zinger and Zoomers Wheelchairs

Zinger PROS:

  • It can fit under a desk or table
  • One can remove the armrests
  • Come with a generous warranty
  • Has long-lasting battery

Zinger CONS:

  • Zinger is not covered by Medicare
  • It’s quite expensive

Zoomers PROS:

  • It comes with multi-terrain tires
  • Easy to use joystick controls
  • Come with a long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight folding design

Zinger CONS:

  • The backrest is not adjustable
  • Difficult to move on a heavily padded carpet


Which is good Zinger or Zoomer wheelchairs?

Zinger chair is arguably better than Zoomer of our in-depth analysis in many ways. It can tackle any terrain, has a higher weight capacity, and you can operate with big hands.

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  1. I bought a Zinger, I’m very happy with it. However the rear tires are to good THEY SPEND AT ANY resistance. I’m wondering if the Zoomer tires could replace the zinger tires They look much better. They look wider with more tread.

  2. Great article. The info provided enough info for me to make a decision.

    Is the Zoomer covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

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