Should You Buy The Zingers Chair: A Detailed Review


Have you ever heard about Zinger chairs? You will know the details of Zingers chair review here. Compared to conventional chairs, Zinger chairs are foldable and easier to store. Also, they come with additional functions that make them a potential alternative for wheelchairs. Zinger chairs are only starting to become popular. That’s why information about their pricing is approximately $1075 to $4299. But its price very on the markets.

So, how much does a Zinger chair cost? Spend some time with me and let’s talk for a minute. To answer your question, I consulted different websites, online reviews, and other credible sources.

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In-Depth Review of Zingers Chair

The Zinger Chair is a unique, innovative piece of furniture that is incredibly comfortable. It also happens to be well-made, aesthetically pleasing and extremely affordable. In this review, I will take a look at the Zinger Chair and its many features in detail. The Zinger Chair was designed with outdoor use in mind. It has an integrated beverage holder, which is also great for holding your phone or remote control while you relax outside. The cushioning on the seat and back are comfortable, and it is made from high quality materials that are sure to last for many years to come.

What Affects the Pricing of Zinger Chairs?

Where you buy a Zinger chair is the primary factor that affects pricing. Online shopping sites don’t have the same pricing for a Zinger chair. Thus, some might sell it at an expensive price. While others might give it a more affordable price tag. Nevertheless, you can buy cheap Zinger chairs when online shops offer discount coupons or sales events. The details information about how much does a Zinger chair cost as below.

A Zinger Chair Price in the Zinger Website

The Zinger website sells a Zinger chair for $2799. This pricing doesn’t change whether you choose the black, blue, or yellow Zinger chair. However, what I love about the Zinger website’s pricing is that it gives prospective consumers an instant $300 discount. This finalizes the pricing of a Zinger chair to $2499.

The Zinger website also allows monthly financing for users who can’t afford to pay right then and there. Consumers may decide to pay in installments for 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. Monthly payments start at an affordable price of $79.
The minimum $79 monthly payment is only applicable if you choose to go with the 36-month installment plan. For the 12-month installment plan, expect a minimum rate of $233. For the 24-month installment plan, the minimum rating is at least $116.

To sum up, the pricing of a Zinger chair on the Zinger website is fair and affordable. Here are some of the advantages that you’ll enjoy if you choose to go with the Zinger website’s pricing:

  • instant $300 discount
  • you may opt to pay in installment
  • 14-day risk-free trial with full moneyback guarantee
  • 1-year limited warranty

In connection, here are some of the things that I don’t like about Zinger website’s pricing:

  • Zinger website asks for your number and email if you decide to check your monthly rate for paying in installment
  • the calculation of payments for 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months installment plans aren’t clear

How much does the Zinger chair cost?

You can also opt to buy a Zinger chair on Amazon. Compared to buying from the Zinger website, buying in Amazon might be better because the reviews are authentic. Nevertheless, Amazon’s pricing might disappoint you. It sells a Zinger chair for $4299. This is almost twice as expensive as the Zinger website’s pricing of $2799.

How Much Does A Zinger Chair Cost (2)Amazon’s pricing of $4299 might be an overkill. Think about it, the Zinger chair that it sells is pretty much the same as what the Zinger website offers. What Amazon offers doesn’t come with improved features or specs. Therefore, the price of a Zinger chair in Amazon is blatantly expensive.

Check Zinger Chair Price on Amazon

Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t allow installment payments. That said, buying a Zinger chair in Amazon is an instant hefty investment on your part. Still, everything’s cool. The Zinger chair is currently unavailable on Amazon as we speak.

Zingers Chair Benefits , Pros and Cons.

Here are the advantages of Amazon’s pricing for a Zinger Chair:

  • comes with authentic reviews

In contrast, here are the things that I don’t love about Amazon’s pricing:

  • almost doubles the Zinger website’s original pricing
  • doesn’t come with discounts or coupon codes
  • a daylight robbery

Cost of a Zinger Chair in E-Bay

I looked at the prices of three Zinger chairs on eBay. EBay gives more budget-friendly pricing. The first Zinger chair is pre-owned and the seller deals it for $1075. The second Zinger chair has a price tag of $1999. Finally, the third Zinger chair sells for $1795.

In connection, know that the pricing of a Zinger Ebay chair isn’t final. You can buy a Zinger chair at a lower price. It’s because Zinger chairs on eBay are sold through bidding. Their indicated price only serves as the price ceiling.

Here are the things that I love about Ebay’s pricing for a Zinger chair:

  • cheaper than the pricing of Zinger website and Amazon
  • might be more affordable than what’s indicated at Ebay’s listing

On the other hand, here’s what I don’t like about the price of a Zinger chair in eBay:

  • cheap but it’s hard to find a brand-new Zinger chair. Most Zinger chairs on eBay are pre-owned or have defects.

Price of a Zinger Chair in Other Online Shops

Numerous least popular online shops also sell Zinger chairs. Great examples are Myscooter, Southern Mobility Online, and Busy Wheelchairs.

In Myscooter, the price of a Zinger chair is $3390. This is more expensive than the pricing of the Zinger website. Furthermore, the listing in Myscooter doesn’t have a reviews section. To sum up, it’s not a trustworthy website that sells a Zinger chair at an unbelievable price.

Southern Mobility’s pricing goes to toe to toe with the pricing of the Zinger website. Its original pricing for a Zinger chair is $2995. However, discounts apply so the price goes down to $2499. In connection, Southern Mobility also allows consumers to pay in installments for as low as $151.

Finally, Busy Wheelchairs sell a Zinger chair for $1900. This equates to the pricing on eBay. Nevertheless, Busy Wheelchair might be better because the Zinger chair that it sells is brand new.

Final Verdict: How Much Does A Zinger Chair Cost?

The pricing of a Zinger chair isn’t constant. Its price may vary depending on where you decide to buy. That’s why you should visit various online shops and compare prices. Nevertheless, I recommend that you avoid buying a Zinger chair which costs more than $2799. Pricing that’s higher than this is just plain daylight robbery. There are lots of options. Surf the web with diligence. You’ll eventually find the place that sells a Zinger chair at an affordable price. We recommend to buy the Zinger chair and you’ll never suffer from low back pain.

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