Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 which is Best?

Steelcase is a renowned brand when it comes to office furniture. Their products feature innovative technologies and customizable options. So, Steelcase series 1 vs series 2 which is best?

Both series come with cool features and ergonomics, so choosing between them can be hard. Steelcase Series 2 comes with a tall backrest and upgraded features. Series 1 costs $50 less than series 2.

Since most features look the same, it can be confusing to choose the one that suits you best. Here is our detailed comparison to help you make your decision with confidence.steelcase series 1 vs series 2 review Comparison

Steelcase series 1 vs series 2 which is best? –Review

Features: Steelcase series 1 and  Series 2

Let’s shine a spotlight on comfort, quality, and value.

Both chairs have ergonomic features that allow for back support. Steelcase Series 1 comes with LiveBack technology, while Steelcase series 2 uses Air LiveBack technology. In addition, they have a mesh that allows for airflow during the hot summer season.

The ergonomics feature allows the chair to move in different directions and gives personalized spinal support.

Adjustable lumbar and Armrests

Steelcase 1 Armrest

Steelcase 2 Armrest

The seats have armrests at the base that allow you to sit comfortably to tackle the task at hand. You can raise them and down for steady support. For Steelcase 2, the armrests are upgraded to 4D. This is something you won’t see in most office chairs.

The synchronized tilt mechanism keeps the seat aligned and balanced. Even better, you can set the depth and use the activated recline tension. This brings modernity to the chair.

Steelcase Series 2 utilizes a height-adjustable lumbar – it feels like it’s made for you.

Proprietary seat cushion

When buying an office chair, you have to choose the upholstery and mesh. Steelcase Series 1 and 2 have built-in air pockets that conform to the body even after long periods of sitting. The Steelcase 2 comes with a polyester seat and adds modernity to the chair. Furthermore, the flexible seat edge relieves pressure under the thighs.

Both chairs have a mesh back and good lumbar support. The only difference is that Steelcase 1 lacks the headrest.

Does Steelcase series 1 and 2 have the same design?

Both chairs look the same, but you’ll find a slight difference between the two. Steelcase 1 and 2 feature a geometric leather design and come with an optional headrest. Furthermore, they have a specially engineered wave pattern that supports the spine.

There’s nothing fancy about the protruding levers. But with the ergonomic curves, the chairs blend well with your décor. Of course, the swivel feature makes the chairs very comfortable.

Does  Steelcase Series 1 have headrest?

Steelcase Series 1 office chair has no  extra head rest but you can  good performance while you use it.

What is the build quality of Steelcase series 1 and 2?

Steelcase brand does not compromise on manufacturing quality. You’ll hardly see any Steelcase series 1 or 2 with manufacturing defects. They feature robust construction and are made of 100% polyester. Steelcase Series 1 weighs 29 pounds, while Steelcase series 2 can accommodate up to 36 pounds. Both can hold 300 to 400 pounds and come with a generous warranty. All the foam, pneumatic cylinders, arm caps, foam, and other mechanisms are backed by a 12-month warranty.

In terms of size, Steelcase series 2 is a few inches taller. The heights for both chairs are 16.5″ and 21″. They are suitable for people of height 5.2″ to 6.7″.

Another aspect of build quality is carpet casters. They are a nice touch just like the mesh setback. Generally, carpet casters ensure you don’t have to scoot over to your co-workers to get the details of the next meeting.

The Steelcase Series 1 and Series 2 Chairs Dimensions

Steelcase 1 Dimensions

Steelcase 2 Dimensions

What is the price of Steelcase 1 and 2?

At this point, you’re a step closer to making your purchase decision. The price will help you solidify your decision.

Steelcase Series 1 costs $245 to $394, while Steelcase Series 2 costs around $570 to $700. However, the base version of Steelcase series 1 is $50 to $70 less than Steelcase series 2. The base version for both chairs has no armrests.

Steelcase 1 Price

Steelcase 2 Price

Check price and details on Amazon Check price and details on Amazon

Steelcase Series 1 vs Steelcase series 2- which one is better?

Customers have claimed that both chairs are durable, comfortable, and worth the money. Everything from quality fabric and back support will stand the test of time. And because they come with the widest range of fabrics, you can customize them to suit your workspace appearance.

After analyzing the design and comfort level, Steelcase series 2 has some cool upgrades – it offers better ergonomic features. But again, you should be ready to pay more. This doesn’t mean that Steelcase series 1 is not worth it. Both chairs can serve you for many years.

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