How to Replace Office Chair Casters Wheels- Step by Step Guide

Most office chairs come with wheels that can easily be removed or replaced. Caster wheels make your office chair versatile instead of being stuck in one place. If your chair starts to wobble, that’s a sign you should have the old wheels replaced. But before you decide whether to replace or not, be sure to check if there’s some fiber or dirt around the wheels. This is an easy job you can do without hiring a professional.

Office casters are available in a set of 4, 5, or 6. Make sure you get the right size for your chair. Keep in mind that the wrong wheels can scratch or dent linoleum floors. If you’re not careful, they can also cause dips and ridges on carpets. The new casters wheels will make the chair roll easily on the floor.

While this may sound like a lot of information to take in, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll discuss the steps involved and the factors to consider when choosing a replacement part. Here is a detailed guide on how to replace office chair casters wheels.

Measure the office chair caster stem

This is an important step before you buy a new pair of casters. It doesn’t matter whether your stem is round or flat – either will fit. Just remove the caster stem and measure the diameter.

Choose the wheel depending on floor type

If your office has hard floors (tile, wood, or linoleum), use soft wheel casters. For carpeted floors, you should use hard wheel casters. If you use a chair mat, soft wheel casters would be appropriate. Once you determine the wheel type and stem size, you should look for a reputable dealer and buy the wheels.

how to replace office chair casters wheelsStep-by-step guide on how to replace office chair casters wheels

Remove the old casters

This involves turning the chair by placing the head of the chair down such that the wheels are on the air. Next, pull the chair caster out. Grab the base of the chair and the caster and try to support it with one hand. Keep in mind some will come out a little easier than others. If the chair is too heavy to turn upside down, you can ask for help from a friend.

The basic procedure is to turn the threaded caster clockwise and they should release once they loosen up enough. But all casters are not the same. Some require to be pulled in an anti-clockwise direction, so be sure to check the type of caster on your chair. If it can twist with ease to the direction you want, then you’re good to go.

If they are difficult to pull, you should put the Flathead between the casters and hold the base of the chair – it will easily come out. Normally, chair casters have 7/16” grip ring diameter and have 7/8” stem. Be sure to pull out all caters before you install the new set. Of course, some caster wheels are secured with a fastener so you may want to use a screwdriver.

Remove grip system casters

Grip casters don’t require unscrewing. You simply apply lubricating oil where the stem meets the caster. Be sure to put one hand on the leg of the chair and then try to put some oil where the caster meets your chair. I’m sure you’re wondering about the best type of oil to use. You can get spray oil like WD-40 from your local hardware. If the chair doesn’t budge, you can grip with a towel or gloves.

Some office chairs have a swivel place that attaches to the stem. Others could also be rusted making it difficult to pull with bare hands. You should look for a 13mm Flathead and try nail-pulling the slot at the end. Make sure the nail pulling slot is big enough to accommodate the screwdriver. If the caster doesn’t move, you can try rotating it at different angles as you leverage with a screwdriver until it comes out.

Another method to remove the caster wheel is using a pry bar. If you pull the caster, it should pop out. Still, you can ask your friend to hold the chair in place and try to pull from one side to the other.

Choosing and buying replacements

Use the measurements you had taken earlier to find the right casters for your office chair. The size of the stem is very important as it connects the caster to the chair. You should also identify whether the chair has a grip stem or swivel plate. A grip stem pulls like a plug from the socket. Secondly, you should measure the wheel from front to back. Most casters have 5-6 cm (2-3 inch) wheels, so you may want to identify the measurements. If you don’t have a helping hand and you have difficulty rolling the chair around, you can try to place it on an elevated surface. Be sure to use a ruler to take the measurements.

Wheel Caster

Decide whether you want to buy a single-wheel or twin wheel caster. There’re pros and cons to each. A single wheel has fewer parts and is reliable as it’s unlikely to fail. On the other hand, twin wheels distribute weight evenly and last longer. In an office setting, twin-wheel casters tend to be more reliable. But if your office is in an industrial setting, you’re better off with single wheel casters.

Which Type office caster  wheel Should you Use?

If you have a carpeted office, you should ensure the caster wheels are made of plastic. Most of them have a hood that gathers the threads across the floor. If the office has a hard floor and is carpeted, you may want to consider hard floor casters. These caster wheels are often called hard surface casters and are designed to save the floor from damage. Also caster wheel causes leaning to forward or back.

Some low to medium price casters are fine when used on chair mats, low-pile carpets, or concrete. The last thing you want is buying caster wheels only for them to ruin your beautiful floor with scratches. If you’re low on budget, you can get polyurethane office chair casters. Still, you can make a statement in your office by buying higher price casters with stylish appearance.

Your purchasing decision will also be determined by the stem type. While most office chairs come with grip ring stems, others have threaded-stem casters. So, how do you know the stem type? Can you remember what you went through when removing the stems? If the stems have a cylindrical surface and have a spring washer, then you have grip ring casters. But, if you had to unscrew them from the chair, then you have threaded-stem casters. Keep in mind that lower wheels make the seat lower while larger wheels make the seat higher. This is something you must consider before you place your order.

Wheel Weight

Another factor to put into consideration when purchasing the wheels is the weight. What is the weight of the furniture that will be mounted on the caster wheel? Will it be firm enough to hold the weight? It gets better if you get a chair with reverse locking. Caster wheels with reverse locking give additional safety when weight is applied to them. But what is more impressive is that the chair won’t move around the office until the weight is applied to them. Such caster wheels can be used on any floor surface.

Wheel Diameter

Perhaps, the best approach is to measure the wheel diameter. When taking the measurements, you should pay close attention to the technical details. Some retailers will specify the measurements and may offer different sizes than the ones you choose.

Where from you buy it?

While you can find caster wheels online, your first stop should be in your local office supply store. Make sure you go with all the specifications you had taken before. But here is the catch. Are you replacing all the wheels or you want to replace one bad caster? If you’re replacing one bad caster, you should ensure the one you buy matches the rest. Perhaps, you can carry a spare caster wheel to the store just to eliminate any doubt in the purchasing process. Always ask a professional to help you compare. If you’re buying online, you may want to check the ratings and reviews of other buyers. This will give you an unbiased idea of what you expect from the wheels.

In most cases, the replacement parts may appear to be the same old plastic dual casters. If you’re used to replacing caster chairs, you’ll understand that most of the problems will be solved with high-quality casters.

Nest Quality Caster Wheel idea for you

How to Install New Casters

Sometimes it’s more difficult to install new chair casters than removing the old ones. If you get stuck you can use a rubber mallet or a hammer depending on the type of caster you install. The first step before you fix the caster is to grease the surface you intend to install the caster wheels. Then, try to insert the new chair casters.

A general rule of thumb is to use your hands to screw in a threaded caster until it no longer turns. For threaded casters, you should align them to the chair’s leg and screw until it can’t turn anymore. Make sure you don’t insert too much pressure to avoid damaging the threads.

Grips casters are a little tricky to deal with, so you have to prepare beforehand. The best approach is to push the caster stem into the chair leg without damaging the plastic part. If it’s a bit difficult to get through the hole, you can use WD-40 lubricant. In rare cases, you may have to use a hammer or rubber mallet to drive the stem in. For swivel plate casters, you should use a screwdriver the same way you removed the old casters. It’s that simple!

Now that you have a new pair of caster wheels on your chair, you should do proper maintenance. You should always remove any trapped dust particles and lubricate the wheels when need be.

Final Thoughts

Office chairs that use caster wheels will help you roll around instead of getting stuck in one particular position. A good office chair will improve your overall posture, reduce health risk, and boost productivity. If caster wheels break, wear, or tear, you should consider replacing them. Be on the lookout for any signs of floor damage or squeaky noise on the chair. If the chair no longer moves smoothly on the floor, that’s a red flag – the caster wheels need to be replaced.

From the above post, the replacement process is straightforward. You simply remove the wheels, verify the size, purchase a new replacement, and then install it in your office chair. While the ring type is the most common type of caster wheel, the office chair could also have a threaded stem caster, grip neck stem, or stemless ( open socket caster). Before you buy caster wheels for replacement, you should pay close attention to the reviews of other buyers. I think that this tips on how to replace office chair casters wheels helped you. Don’t forget with your blog and friends.

You deserve to be in a comfortable working condition.

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