How to Protect Vinyl Flooring from Chair Legs Furniture

If you’re worried about how to protect vinyl flooring from chair legs, then let me tell you, you’re not alone. Your concern of protecting your delicate flooring from the heavy furniture legs like recliners, chairs, tv stands, couches, divans is very common.

In today’s piece, we’re going to cover how you can protect vinyl flooring from chair legs scratching. Though we’re focusing on vinyl floors but the same principle works with any other delicate flooring techniques. These are vinyl chair mat, small rugs, leg caps,non-slip rubber pads, gliders  pads and avoid dragging to protect floor.

How to Protect Vinyl Flooring from Chair LegsScratches on the floor from chair legs is a very common issue, thankfully, there are workable solutions that can easily save your floor with a very minimal effort and without spending a fortune doing so. Well, if you have a delicate floor, such as vinyl, installed at your place, or you are planning to get a vinyl floor, you may need to follow a few guidelines before moving in your heavy furniture.

You need to ensure the proper ways of keeping your furniture if you want to maintain the shine and newness of the floor. Furniture that need to be moved regularly such as chairs, recliners, tables, couch, divans, etc., require extra care.

Preventing the floor from getting scratches due to chair legs can be challenging if you don’t know how to get your vinyl floor looks like new all time.

To make your task easier, we present you “How to protect vinyl flooring from chair legs- Step by Step Guide.” Read on the full article to make a fluent movement of your chair across the vinyl floor.

What are the first steps to protect vinyl floors from chair legs?

Maintenance of vinyl flooring is essential you want to retain its newness for a long time. To avoid it from getting scratched or scuffed from chair legs you can follow these simple steps.

  • Make sure to sweep or vacuum your floor regularly. Also, clean your foot wears frequently and remember to rub your feet on the doormat before entering your house. You can also remove your foot wear as soon as you enter the house.
  • Remove tea spills or any other forms of stained materials from the floor immediately to avoid it from getting stained permanently.
  • To maintain the shine of your floor, protect it from the sunlight. Too much sun exposure will damage the color and shine of your vinyl floor.
  • Make sure that you put natural weave doormats or to keep your floor free of dust and debris. It is important to use materials that are compatible with your flooring. Doormats backed with latex or rubber should be avoided on vinyl flooring since they can cause harm to the floor.
  • Usage of floor protectors under the chair legs and other furniture can be done to avoid the floor from getting scratched or cracked.
  • Use naturally weaved rugs that covers only the area around the chairs you use. This way you can flaunt your vinyl floor and also prevent it from getting scratched.
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What should be avoided for protecting Vinyl floor from chairs legs?

There are few things that need to be avoided to protect the vinyl flooring from chair legs.

  • Using cheap floor protectors under chair legs. Cheap floor protectors often become hard when they come in contact with moisture. Thus, they do more harm than good to the floor.
  • Using the same floor protectors for a long time. You need to change your floor protectors as often as required.
  • Buying heavy chairs. Heavy chairs can result in scratched or cracked floors.
  • Getting chairs that have pointed legs. Chairs with pointed legs have more chances of damaging the floors than the chairs with wider legs. Chairs with wider legs distribute the weight more evenly and therefore, save the floor from getting scuffed.
  • Also, avoid dragging the chairs if you want to protect your vinyl flooring. Consider keeping the chairs stationary or lifting them up with your hands to move them around your house if required.
  • Leaning back on the chair or tipping over it. These increase the likelihood to scar the floor.
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How does furniture pads and gliders work for vinyl floor?

Furniture pads and gliders are a great way to save your sensitive vinyl floor from getting scratched or scuffed. Also, these are using to protect vinyl flooring for chair legs. Whichever option you choose make sure to keep in mind the number of users and quality of the product before you install it. Also, you need to keep the furniture pad or the gliders free of grit to ensure a scratch-free movement of the furniture.

Furniture pads offer a variety in shape, sizes and thickness and can be used in sorts of furniture. These are usually self-adhesive pads that are stick to the base of the furniture to allow fluent movement across the vinyl floors. They usually come cheap and can get detached from the furniture base easily.

Gliders, on the other hand, need to be hammered into the furniture’s base However, nowadays gliders are a part of the design of the furniture. If you buy ready-made gliders, you need to hammer it into the base of the existing furniture. Gliders made of various material such as plastic, cloth, polythene, etc. are available in the market. These can be used for heavy objects to ensure the newness of the vinyl floor. Also, there are a number of types of gliders available these days. Some commonly used gliders are:

  • Single-part glides
  • Two-part or multipart bonded glides that are found with glued, welded or injection-moulded slide inserts
  • Two-part or multipart bonded glides that comes with mounted slide inserts

You can choose the glider material depending on which suit the best your furniture. They can also be used for rearranging the heavy furniture. They are more durable and can hold on to the furniture’s base for longer when compared to furniture pads. However, they can be used only for wooden furniture.

How Does pads work for chair leg on vinyl Floor?

Chairs are the furniture that are moved most frequently. So, it is important to use pads on chair legs even if you don’t use it for other furniture. Furniture pads can be found in various shapes, sizes and thickness to fit your chair legs perfectly. Also, they come in formed felt pads with reinforced sides that can be wrapped around the underneath of the chair legs. Thus, they make the edges of the chair legs soft and prevent the wear and tear of the vinyl floor. These pads can be peel off by hands when need to be replaced. There are good quality pads which are made for heavy-duty chairs that stick on to the chair legs for a long time. You can easily find them in any home supplies store or hardware store.

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What can I put on the bottom of my chairs to stop scratching the floor?

Heavy chairs often leave scars if they are dragged across sensitive floors. Chair legs made of metal can cause serious scratches on the floor if they are not protected. Some this type of chair caster may change if not move correctly. Even hard plastic legs can also harm the floor. Felt chair glides or felt furniture pads can be attached to the bottom of the chairs to prevent it from scratching the floor. Whichever floor protector you use make sure they are strong enough to take the load and are soft to the floor. Also, make sure that you clean them regularly so that they don’t hold on to any grit which otherwise would scratch the floor.

Recommendation to protect Vinyl Floor from Chair Legs:

Avoid dragging the chairs

Avoiding dragging the chairs is an easy way to prevent the vinyl floors from getting scratched. While you can’t avoid to drag your chair while sitting, you can at least make sure not to drag it from one place to another. Try to lift it with your hands and keep the chair gently while you place it.

Use Rugs to Protect the Vinyl Floor

You can use small rugs to protect the floor around the place where you keep your chairs. Small rugs would prevent the floor from getting damaged giving your floor a posh and finished look.

Protect Vinyl Floor with Non-Slip Rubber Pads

Using non-slip rubber pads could be an alternative way to protect your vinyl floor if you are suing rugs or carpets. Placing it beneath the carpet or the rug will help to keep them in position without posing any threat to the floor.

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How to repair Vinyl Floor from Scratches

You can apply baby oil or spray lubricant is small amount if you want to repair your vinyl floor. Apply the liquid directly to the scratched area and dry it off by rubbing gently with a dry cloth. You may need to repeat the procedure multiple times to get it repaired.

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Maintenance of vinyl flooring is mandatory if you want to cherish the freshness for a long time. The chair legs is a tough job to accomplish if you are not aware of the cleaning process preventing the floor from getting scratch. Follow the guidelines step by step and enjoy a scratch-free vinyl flooring.


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