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How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that installing a hammock chair can transform your space into a comfortable haven? It offers a great way to relax and take the stress off your back. And depending on the style you choose, you can use it in living rooms, sunrooms, or as a replacement for your bed.

Let’s take a closer look at how to hang a hammock chair indoors.How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors Guide

How to hang a hammock from the ceiling indoors

  1. Hanging styles
    There are two ways you can hang your chair – pivot and swing style.
  2. Pivot – style
    It allows you to drift swiftly and rotate the chair at 360 degrees. The chair is suspended from one point with a rope or chain.
  3. Swing style
    This style requires two points where you can hang the hammock with or without a spreading bar. Once the chair is in one place, you can swing back and forth.

Steps on how to safely attach a hammock

What you need

You need heavy-duty hardware to secure your hammock on the ceiling or wooden beam. This can include J-hooks, eye-bolts, s-hooks, and screw eyes.

  • The S-hook goes through the eye of the bolt – you should avoid U-hooks.
  • The eye-bolt screw supports the hammock chair and its occupants.
  • Pencil – it marks the center of the ceiling joist.

Pick a spot (6 feet from the ground to hanging place)

The most common spot is the center of the ceiling because it can withstand the significant weight. You should allow for at least 1.8 meters of vertical clearance and three feet behind the chair. This space allows for swing and sway. Perhaps the best approach is to measure your space with a yardstick or tape.

You have to consider the maximum supportable weight for the suspension system you use. The goal is to find a secure spot.

Read the installation manual

Before you pick a screwdriver, you should read the manual. While there are many DIY videos you can watch, the manual gives specific details on the installation.

Use a rope to hang the hammock

The use of a rope is a classic way to hang your chair. It offers a beach aesthetic and will complement well with the indoors. You should use a strong rope that can support 200-250 pounds. Also, a rope requires secure knots.

Use chains to hang the chair

Depending on the style of the chair, you can use chains to secure it in place. Unlike ropes, chains don’t fray. Before you install the hammock, you should measure the size of the chain. At least 2.1 -feet, but it’s better to have more than less.

Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joist

A ceiling joist is located 16-24 inches apart. You should use a stud finder to mark both sides of the joist. You can also hang the chair to the exposed wood or center of the beam.

Use a drill to make holes

The drill bit should be smaller than the width of the screws you want to use. Generally speaking, the pilot hole should be about 5.1-7.6 cm and should be placed to the center. If you see some wood shavings, it’s a sign that you’ve hit solid wood.

Install the eye screw

An eye screw should be enough to drill three inches into the ceiling joists. Once you install the eye screw, you should turn it clockwise until it locks in tightly. If it’s fully inserted, there will be no visible threading. If needed, you can use a screwdriver to tighten it.

Use the S-hook

It’s time to attach an S-hook to the eye screw. Next, you should tie the rope to half-inch knots and tie it to the attachment mechanism. If you’re using chains, you can attach them directly to the S-hook. You can also use a locking carabineer on the chair’s attachment.

Hang the hammock chair

Loop the rope through the eye screw and tie at least two half-tie knots. You can weave the other end of the rope through the attachment.

Test the weight

The easiest way to test the strength of the chair is to pull firmly. If it holds add more weight like books. You can also try to lightly sit on the chair. At this point, most of the weight should be left on the legs. After that, you can easily ease into the seat until you are fully supported.

Now you know how to hang hammock from ceiling. While the process looks the same as attaching a hammock on the wall, the most important thing is to find the right distance between eye-bolts. Keep in mind that attaching or removing a slack on the ceiling will determine how the hammock will move up and down.

The trick is to calculate the spacing ahead of time to avoid making mistakes. Of course, the distance between the hammock and anchor points should be 10-15 feet.

In a Dorm Room, How do You Hang a Hammock?

While the idea of hanging hammocks in dorms may not look practical for many, it does work. You also have it suspended with anchors and hooks. However, there are limitations to what you can do. Most dorms won’t allow for drilling or any kind of bolting to the walls. Therefore, a stand would be inevitable.

If you don’t have straps, you can use chains or ropes to secure the hammock.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair without Drilling Indoors?

Are you wondering how to hang a hammock indoors without drilling? Well, the process is straightforward.
When installing your hammock indoors, you don’t have trees to work with, so you have to come up with creative ways. The other challenge you’ll face is drilling. This brings us to the question, can you install a hammock chair without drilling?
There are many reasons why you may want to install a hammock indoors without drilling. If you rent a home, the owner won’t approve the drilling on the wall. Furthermore, if the walls have asbestos, you may not drill safely. Plus you may not have the skills to drill.

Before you make your investment decision, you should know how much space the hammock will take and where you intend to hang it.

  1. Use roof beams
    If you have beams in your ceiling, you don’t need a drill. You can use the straps and hang the hammock. But for you to use the beams, you must ensure they are in good condition. Another thing you should keep in mind is the distance between the rafters and the floor. You want to use the beams that are appropriately spaced – not too tight or loose. And you don’t need anything else apart from the kit.
  2. Hammock stands

    This is arguably the best way to hang a hammock chair without drilling. Most chairs come with stands, while others may require you to buy the unit separately. Just make sure the size is right.
    Hammock stands come with easy to follow instructions and often don’t require any tools. You just assemble a few nuts and bolts, and you’re good to go.

  3. Wall Stud
    This way you can hang your hammock with two corner of wall side with drilling and setting bolt. You just assemble a  two 2 inches wood with hole , few nuts and bolts, and you’re good to go.

How to hang a hammock chair under a deck

A patio can provide shelter for your hammock. Before you hang the chair, you should look for joists or heavy wooden beams. You should never attempt to install the chair from a wooden flooring material.

To start with, you should use a pencil to mark the overhead joist. Then, fit the 3/8′ bit on your drill and tighten the chuck. Drill about 4-inches and insert a tip of 7/16-inch diameter eye. Then, hang the S-hook and suspend your hammock chair.

The Ultimate Guide to Hang a Hammock Chair from a Pergola

A pergola can create a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you add a swing, you get the perfect option where you can kick your feet up and relax.
First, you should measure the chain attached to the swing. Generally, the swing should be 17 inches off the ground. However, if you want it to be accessible by small children, you should hang it lower.
Next, cut the chain to the appropriate length. You can also mark off the chain-link with masking tape. This is what you connect to the pergola. After that, you should connect the pergola to beams near a jointed system.
Pre-drill one hole for the location you marked for each side of the chair. Then, use a drill bit shorter than the bolt you have chosen. Be sure to use a bolt that can bear the weight of the swing and make sure it’s at least 6 inches long. Don’t forget to reinforce the bolt and the nut.

When hanging your hammock, you should use heavy-duty hardware. You want to create something strong enough to support 300 pounds.

Can you hang a hammock from wall studs?

Even single studs are strong enough to hold a hammock. The first thing you should know is the type of chair you have. If the house is rented, putting holes is a no-go zone. However, you can still reach out to the owner and ask for permission. But if the house is yours, you can confidently drill the holes.

Before you install the hammock, you should ensure the walls are strong enough to hold the weight. While modern buildings use metal studs, you’ll still find some made of wood. But what matters most is ensuring you have the right hardware.
Use a finder to find the studs. Depending on the type of house, studs usually run every 16-inches on the wall.
To get the precise location where you should hang the hammock, you should choose two studs. Moreover, you should mark off the height where you want to install the hardware. The best place should be 5-6 feet off the ground. Then, drill the pilot hole into the center of the stud and screw in the eye bolt. Repeat the process for the other anchor point.

Now, it’s time to hang the hammock. Whether you are using a rope or chain, you should aim for a suspension angle of 30 degrees. This allows you to tweak your suspension with ease.

Creative ways to hang a hammock inside

Sitting section
If you want to break the monotony of the traditional furniture, you can’t go wrong with a hammock chair. It adds an outdoorsy feel to the living room and is a great idea for beach homes.

Make use of the attic
You can hang a hammock in your attic and make use of the available space. Even better, you can create a reading spot. The raised ceiling will transport you to another world.

Make use of areas above the stairs
The small space above the stairs can easily become a perfect spot for reading. If you have a concrete ceiling, you can hang a hammock chair with ease.

Build a spot that contemplates near a window
Hanging a hammock close to the window is an ideal way of relaxing as you enjoy the outdoor view. It can also be a great place to watch the weather if you’ll be stuck inside the whole day.

Build a recovery spot
If you own a home gym, a hammock can help you relax after you push the body to the limit.

Optional accessories

  1. Cup holders
    If you install your hammock well, you’ll be spending a lot of time on it. And you don’t have to keep standing up – you can include some cup holders. This is something you can do if the chair has armrests.
  2. Pillows and cushions
    While most swing seats come with cushions, you can boost the comfort by adding some pillows.
  3. Detached footrest
    This applies to chairs with C-shape because they lack a place where you can place your feet.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been wondering how to use that missing centerpiece in your decorated room, then the answer is hanging a hammock. It offers a low-key way to sleep and has amazing health benefits. And you don’t have to buy a bed frame, sheet set, or decorative pillows.
But no matter the type of chair you choose, installation is key. A hammock is only safe when you do the installation correctly. Be sure to test the weight your hammock can support. When you follow the above steps, you’ll have a comfortable place where you can relax or sleep other than the traditional bed. Now you known how to hang a hammock chair indoors from the ceiling.

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