How To Connect Xbox One With Bluetooth Gaming Chair? Tips -Tricks

Do you have a gaming chair? Did you connect it to your Xbox yet? I know, I know connecting it is a bit difficult. Especially if it is not compatible with your gaming system. You are not the only one who faces problems with connecting Xbox with a gaming chair. The Xbox and PS4 have an HDMI port for transmission, while gaming chairs have an RCA connector. Hence it is a bit difficult to connect them for gaming. Don’t worry, I put the step by step guide on how you connect Xbox One with Bluetooth gaming chair?How To Connect Xbox One With Bluetooth Gaming Chair

One of the simplest ways to connect it is to get a gaming chair that has an HDMI port. Everything will be a piece of cake that way.

However, if you can’t get such a gaming chair then, here are some methods to connect your Bluetooth gaming chair to the Xbox one.

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4 Tips How to Connect Xbox One to a Blue-Tooth Gaming Chair?

Let us take X rocker as an example. It is one of the popular chairs for gaming, hence it is a good example. At first, connect the power supply to the chair.

How to switch on the chair before connection?

After buying the X rocker chair, you need to follow the instructions given to you. Now plug the power cable into the port of near the control panel. Then take the other side of the power cable and connect it to the power supply.

Take the control panels and switch on the chair. To check if the chair is on, turn the volume up. You will notice lights from the chair.

Therefore, the chair is powered. Let us get to connecting the gaming chair and the Xbox now. You may find  most popular gaming chairs visiting this article gaming chair price under $100/

Connect the gaming chair to the Xbox one

Like we have said before, you cannot connect the chair to the Xbox one due to the HDMI port. So, you will need to find other ways to connect it.

You will need an HDMI to audio converter and two HDMI cables to do this. Take the HDMI cable and connect it’s one end to the TV and the other end to the audio converter’s input port.

Now take the other HDMI cable and connect it with one end with the Xbox one and link the other with the audio converter’s output port.

Take the red and white wire of your gaming chair and connect it with the red and white port of the audio converter. This way a connection is established between the Xbox and the gaming chair.


How to Connect Xbox One to a Gaming Chair Wirelessly?

There are few other ways you can link your gaming chair and your Xbox One. Let us see how to make a wireless connection between your chair and your Xbox.

At first, you have to understand how the connection works. Since you can’t connect the chair directly, there has to be something in between the two devices to connect the two.

In the previous method, it was the audio to HDMI converter. In this case, we will use the TV in between the two.

First, take the HDMI cable that comes with your Xbox, and connect it to the TV. Make sure that the Xbox and console are both running while you are doing this, switch on the TV.

The wireless gaming chair comes with two 3.5 mm cables. Use these wires to connect the transmitter to the TV. Take the wires, there are two ends to it, among them, one has a green end. Connect the green end to the transmitter and the other end to the audio port TV.

Connecting Audio Port

You have to understand which is the right audio port for connecting it to the transmitter. On a TV, you will notice different types of audio ports.

There is;

  • Standard audio port
  • Headphone connector
  • Analog audio output
  • Optical audio output

The cable that comes with the chair will work with most of the ports mentioned above, except optical audio output. Connect them with any other port you want.

It is time to connect the transmitter to the gaming chair. Install batteries on the wireless transmitter. Make sure the gaming chair is plugged into the power supply as well.

Press the power buttons and turn on the wireless transmitter and the gaming chair. Once it is on, it will connect the chair and the xbox one indirectly.

If you want to establish a good connection between the chair and the TV, you will need to adjust the TV and the transmitter’s frequency. Both need to be of the same frequency to make the connection strong. It is not that difficult since there are only three frequencies 1-2-3.

If you do this correctly, then you will see that the transmitter will send audio signals to the speakers from the chair. So, they are connected and ready for your next gaming session.


Link Bluetooth Gaming Chair with Xbox One

Another comfortable way to connect your gaming chair with Xbox one is through Bluetooth devices. Some gaming chairs come with Bluetooth technology.

However, there is one problem with this idea. The Xbox one does not have Bluetooth installed in it. So, you will need to buy an external Bluetooth device to link them.

When you buy one, keep in mind that you have to connect the Bluetooth to the TC through the headphone socket. So, make sure you check your headphone socket before you go out to buy a device.

If you get the right device, you can easily connect the chair to the Xbox one. In case, you want to buy other gaming systems, remember that just because it says it has Bluetooth, that does not mean you can use it to link the chair.

Some gaming systems have Bluetooth for its components. Hence, it cannot be used to connect with the gaming chair.

 Final Words

As you can see, there are many ways to connect your Xbox One with a Bluetooth gaming chair. It depends on the gaming chair you want to buy and the features it has.

The best way to do this right is to get a gaming chair that is compatible with your game system. However, if you somehow face a situation that you can’t get in the right chair, then you have to think otherwise. If the above information does not help you, don’t freak out. There are plenty more ways to connect a bluetooth gaming chair with your Xbox one game system. You just need to find out which one is suitable for you. If you think that this article help you share with your friends who have problem with this topics ” how to connect Xbox One with blue-tooth gaming chair”.

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