Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair- Which One Is Best for Health?

Are you in the market for a new chair but can’t make a choice between a gaming chair and an office chair? If yes, then you are in the right place. The supremacy battle between gaming chair vs office chair has always been there, and won’t end any time soon. In this post, we will carefully examine what distinguishes gaming chairs from their office counterparts. Of course, these differences are tailored toward helping you make a better choice regarding what is best for you. Peruse the article and get to know.

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Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair (Design)

It is imperative to note that these two types of chairs feature completely different designs. First and foremost, it should be noted that gaming chairs are specifically designed to look cool. This implies that comfort comes second in their overall design. On the other hand, office chairs are exclusively designed to be comfortable. This implies that beauty comes second after comfort.

The above statements are generally true, however, of course, there are a few exceptions to them. There are a few gaming chairs out there that seem more like an ergonomic office than a conventional racing-style gaming chair. Also, there a couple of office chairs on the market which focuses more on the looks than on the ergonomics as well as the comfortably of the chair itself.

However, as a general rule, the major selling point for an office chair is its ergonomic-based design. Consequently, the main selling point for a typical gaming chair is its cool-looking racing-style design.

Gaming ChairIt has been proven that many avid gamers love the cool-looking racing-style design of gaming chairs. Of course, this is the main reason why gaming chairs sell pretty much. Of course, this doesn’t entirely imply that there aren’t eye-catching office chairs on the market. If you didn’t know, there are some very nice-looking office chairs out there. And there are potentially lots of people who think that the subtle and robust nature of office chairs are much better than the sleek, glossy and bold flashy design of the gaming chairs.

Office ChairSo, what’s the verdict?

If you are an individual who loves the colorful, appealing and flashy design, you’ll likely fall in love with a gaming chair. On the other hand, if you like a minimalist or the so-called conservative design, then you will find an office chair more preferable over a gaming chair.

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair: Which Costs More?

Overall, gaming types of equipment are always known to be expensive. Whether it is a mechanical keyboard, surround headsets or even just laser mice, all of them seem to be relatively expensive. Even gaming devices at the lower end of the price spectrum equally tend to be relatively costly.

Simply put, gaming chairs tend to cost more as compared to their office counterparts. However, it is critical to mention that on the top-end side of the world of chairs, the high-end ergonomic office chairs will cost a lot more than gaming chairs in the same category. Thankfully, top-of-the-line office chairs always boast a much greater construction quality than high-end chairs for gaming. On the other hand, for the mid-tier and cheaper models, office chairs will typically cost less as compared to gaming chairs.

When an office chair is expensive, you can always be certain that it is as a result of very practical and general reasons. Office chairs in this category will come equipped with extra adjust-ability, memory foam cushioning, high-quality construction materials and a whole host of amazing features that enhance both their comfort and usability.

Another important thing to note is that office equipment such as the chair are somewhat more flexible in terms of pricing. All experts will tell you that an office chair is usually a wiser investment because they usually strive to be practical, performance-oriented and ergonomic above anything else.

Gaming chairs are always designed after the traditional car seats. The primary purpose of this is to provide you with optimal immersion. However, one drawback is that car seats are tailored toward facilitating vehicle operation as opposed to comfort. Some of the most common features of gaming chairs include:

Features of Gaming Chairs

An elevated front:

Gaming chairs often feature an elevated front. In a car setting, they are meant to make it relatively easier for the driver to keep their feet firmly on the pedals without tiring out their legs. Apparently, this may not have detrimental effects on your wellbeing when you are gaming on your computer. However, you are not tall enough, this design choice will ultimately leave your legs hanging off the edge of the seat. Of course, this will compromise your comfort in one way or another.

Bucket seat:

Like car seats, gaming chairs boast that characteristic depression in the central part, with fairly raised sides. The purpose of this is to deter the driver from sliding sideways when negotiating sharp bends. Though this design does offer that extra engrossment for gaming fanatics, it does not necessarily contribute to their comfort. What’s more, this particular feature limits your movement in the chair. As always, when you are having long hours on your gaming station, you’ll always want to shift around, change sitting positions from time to time. Unfortunately, a gaming chair with this design neither supports this nor does it make it comfortable.

Unsurprisingly, even some of the cheapest office chairs out there boast a highly ergonomic design which allows you to spend extended hours of gaming on it. This is accomplished with a reasonable amount of adjustability which equally makes them suitable for nearly all body types. However, as we previously mentioned, some of the cheapest office chairs will likely lack the memory foam cushioning as well as other top-notch components which are always available on more expensive models.

Which Type of Chair Offers More Adjustability?

The next and arguably most important thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing a chair is the available adjustability features. On most occasions, these features will range from base tilt adjustment, height adjustment to recline backward adjustability. Most gaming chairs come equipped with more adjustability options than their office cousins. In fact, even some of the highly affordable gaming seats out there often feature at least a recline functionality.

From an ergonomic perspective, sitting at a reclined angle while engaging in work-related activities probably isn’t practical. But, for a gamer, the ability to at least recline backward while gaming can potentially enhance your comfortability. This is one advantage that a gaming chair has over the conventional office chair.

How About In Terms of Ergonomics? Who Wins?

An office chair at an affordable price point will always come well-packed-together. It will likely have adjustable arms to enhance the comfort of the user. What’s more, the chair height is perfect to promote a healthy sitting position. Additionally, the fairly soft arm-pads of a typical office chair are one of its strong points.

Ergonomic ChairWhen it comes to gaming chairs, they offer more choices regarding ergonomics. Their ergonomic credibility is a notch higher than your average office chair. A gaming seat will mostly come designed with high straight backrest; to give gaming enthusiasts that tap of extra coziness! What’s more, a gaming seat features an adjustable lumbar.

Even though an office chair may equally offer you a corporate feel, a great gaming chair will make you feel as if you are in a high-quality, performance-motivated racing car!

What Are The Benefits of A Gaming Chair?

  • Extremely comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Multiple seat adjustment options.
  • Gaming inspired design and amazing looks.
  • Typically created for those extended gaming sessions.

What Are The Advantages of An Office Chair?

  • Versatile office style design.
  • Constructed to enhance office productivity and long office hours.
  • Boosts comfort due to its ergonomic design.


In the end, it is not a matter of who wins in the debate of gaming chair vs office chair. If you are an avid gamer and you are looking to purchase a chair, you’d better opt for a gaming chair. On the other hand, if you are seeking to enhance your office productivity, go for a serious office chair. Overall, whether it is a gaming or an office chair, a good chair is that which offers ergonomic design and comfortably. It should be highly adjustable to allow you to adjust your sitting position accordingly. What’s more, it should feature highly durable components to allow you to use it for an extended period.

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  2. This is an interesting read since I am a bit torn about what to get. We just finished renovating our gaming room and plan to get new chairs for our computer tables.

    Since I am an avid gamer, I am happy to know that gaming chairs also offer more choices when it comes to ergonomics. Though it’s quite expensive, I believe it’s worth every penny to have a nice, extremely comfortable and stylish chair.

    Thank you for sharing this detailed comparison between the two.

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  5. Ergo chair all the way. I have an ergo at work, and I bought a gaming chair for a home several years ago and didn’t like it. Gaming chairs just don’t work for me because they don’t conform to my body. I think positive reviews for gaming chairs are inflated because they’re mostly used by young people who don’t have back problems or aches and pains to worry about. So they probably aren’t really going to care about comfort as much. As I get older, having a comfortable chair is more and more important.

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