How to Fix Recliner Chair Mechanism Like an Expert

How to fix recliner chair mechanism like an expert by yourself ? This question is  blowing in your mind. But repairing a recliner mechanism is not a difficult task. When you be aware of how to install or replace recliner chair mechanism parts perfectly? Here, we put the ten best ways to fix recliner chair mechanism, and you can do it yourself at home. A recliner chairs provide us with comfort whenever we want to relax at home. The recliner chair is one of the best furniture where you can watch your favorite TV show, fall asleep, cuddle your pet, or even read a book. But just like any other home furniture, recliners can get damaged. Most of these problems take no time to fix.

How to fix recliner chair mechanism

How to Fix Recliner Chair Mechanism- The Details Guide

If you want to repair your recliner chair mechanism by yourself, you should know everything about it. Now follow some steps, start the repairs and roll up your sleeves. Sometimes, the recliner mechanism may be worn out. Even if it has no signs of wear and tear, the best way to deal with an exhausted mechanism is to replace it. Before you fix the recliner chair, you should first identify where the problem is? Read the whole article, and you can get more help to fix your recliner chair mechanism. Also you can fix lazy boy recliner chair mechanism following this guidelines.

How to Remove a Recliner Chair Mechanism?

When moving a recliner from one room to another, it may require you to remove the back and re-install it. While many manufacturers advise on different methods, the basic principles remain the same. First, you have to measure the size of the recliner and establish whether it will fit into the new location. If your chair has a locking tab, remove it with a screwdriver. For bolted on back chairs, remove the panel to expose the bolts.

  1. Move the recliner chair to the open space. Next, roll the chair onto its front to make it easier to remove back. Because of the recliner chair has strips or Velcro snaps.
  2. You should securely attach to the bottom of the frame, you would like to replace them. After that, find the loop-and-hook to remove the tape attaching the fabric.
  3. Remove the leather/fabric until you see the recliner mechanism.
  4. Now look for the metal tabs. Pay attention to the lowest point of the recliner and search for thumb screws.
  5. Use a flat/standard slotted screwdriver to turn the screws in an anti-clockwise direction.
  6. Make sure you don’t force them to avoid damaging the threads. Of course, you have to place the screws in a safe location.

If the recliner has metal locking tabs, hold and press the tab firmly and then pull the bottom of the recliner in an upward motion. This metal locking will help to unlock the mechanism. After that, pull it in a straight upward direction. If there’s any friction or you have difficulties removing the side of the brackets, move them side by side.

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How to Re-install a Recliner Chair Mechanism

Re-installing the back of the recliner is a straightforward process. Align the brackets at a slight angle. This back might frustrate at first, but you can learn with time. It requires a lot of maneuvering, especially when one set of brackets slide in over each other. Once the alignment is in place, you can push the back of the recliner. Finish the process by adjusting the levers, adding screws, and fixing tabs. This process will ensure that the back is securely locked.

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How to Fix Recliner Chair Tension Springs?

Any recliner chair working  mechanism with a tension spring. When it will not work , just change it. But before you think about replacing the tension spring, find a new one. Make sure the spring high quality and it’s strong enough, so it lasts long. If you don’t find the spring of the specific model for the chair, Don’t forget to contact with a manufacturer.. You can also get in touch with the manufacturer for further guidance.

The easiest way to find the problem is by turning over your recliner. This way will display the frame under the seat. Other than that, ensure the backrest is in an upright position. If the spring still exists, you can look for clips/tabs on both sides. Use a pair of pliers to get rid of the damaged/old spring. It will help you disconnect the tension spring from the frame. You must wear safety gear to protect your eyes.

To pull the spring apart, place the screwdriver at both sides of the spring. Alternatively, you can use nickel to separate the springs. A washer will also give good results. After that, attach the spring to the frame. Be sure to use a pair of pliers to pull the spring. Now, get rid of the nickel between the coils. But before you perform the task, ensure you’ve attached the spring firmly on both ends. For a solid grip, you need a good pair of pliers.

Once you insert the new spring, put the recliner in an upright position. The easiest way to test the spring on the brackets is to tilt it back. If they don’t offer enough resistance, try a different set. But if you’re comfortable with the tension spring resistance, you can relax and enjoy it. When you follow the tips to the later, you don’t have to call a professional. Since there are two types of recliner systems, check the model before you start the process. For example, a gliding recliner has a limited range of motion. You may require the service of an expert to replace the tension springs.

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How to Fix a Recliner Pull Handle?

If you want to disassemble and repair your recliner handles, have the right tools in your arsenal. You need an ordinary hex key, screwdriver, replacement handle, and a single Torn bit. Apart from that, look at the manufacturer’s model number to be sure you get the right handle. And if you’re still unsure where to buy the replacement kit, you can check the manufacturer’s website. It’s worth mentioning that if the chair is still under warranty, you may get a replacement for free. Please follow these guidelines to replacement handle for lazy boy recliner or other brands recliner pull handle.

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Before you begin the process, check if the footrest is in an upright position. Make sure it’s closed before you flip the chair upside down. You may need extra help if the recliner is heavy. Next, find the mechanism or screw that keeps the chair in place. In most models, check the screw at the base end of it. Sometimes, it’s inside the recliner at the level of the handle.

  1. Start to remove the screws  using the screw driver from the mechanism.
  2. Safarat your existing old handle from recliner chair
  3. After unlocking them, place them at a safe place because you’ll need them again after replacing the new handle.
  4. Now set your new handle and put the screw as the point you remove it before. 
  5. Tight the screw with screw driver as well.
  6. Pull the handle gently to prevent ripping off the chair’s cloth.
  7. Once you remove it, please look for the decorative place, which is usually below the handle.
  8. This technique will help you get at the bottom of the cable that connects the chair.
  9. Pay close attention to cable-end, which is connected to the mechanism.
  10. Finally, hold your recliner head rest and handle and turn in to normal position from downside floor.

To replace the new handle, you should first install a new decorate plate. Next, take the new handle and insert it just like the old one. So, where you’ll fix the mechanism clip back. Take the screws you had removed earlier and insert them to the wooden part to ensure the handle holds in place. Now that you’re done, it’s time to test the handle. Sit on the recliner chair and try to pull the handle. You can also stretch the legs to ensure the chair feels as good as new. The above steps are easy to learn and will save you lots of money if you face problems future.

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How to Fix Power Lift Recliner Motor?

A electric power lift recliner can take relief to a new stage simply with a push of a button. If your chair doesn’t work, as usual, fix the power lift recliner motor.

  1. Simple power surges or overloads can damage your recliner chair mechanism
  2.  If the recliner stops in the middle, it means there’s a huge electrical issue.

While you can disassemble the unit and find the disconnected piece, you may have to do more than that.


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However, if you’ve interest on mechanically inclined, you can solve the problem without additional help – pay attention to details. If you have an electric recliner, make sure you do not catch the cords in the base unit. During the inspection, take an inventory of all the electrical parts. These parts may include the power supply, activation button, massage motors, and lift motors. By making a list, you’ll have a big picture of the whole unit. You don’t want to fix the lift motor only to realize that other parts were faulty.

Since it locates the motor on the underside, use a marker to mark the brackets. This technique will make reassembly easier. Next, remove the nuts and keep the bolts from the motor drive linkages. After that, remove Torx bolts (2) while securing the motor to the bottom rail. Because these two screws are tiny, keep them in a separate place. Once you’re done, remove the Torx head screws securing the rail at the rear. Now the motor can be removed.

Remove the four Torx head screws that hold the drive linkages to the motor. It’s worth mentioning that out of the four, and two screws have a large washer. Start by re-installing the right and left drive arms. Don’t forget that the two rear screws must have a washer. The motor is now ready for installation. First, you ensure that the pigtail goes to the rear of the chair. To secure the motor on the rail, use the two Torx screws. As you secure the front of the motor with Torx screws, remember the two short screws. The next step is plugging the hand wand into the recliner motor.

To ensure that the ottoman is closed, align the arms into the drive tube. Use 5/16” bolts to keep the nuts in place. Connect the power cable to the motor pigtail and use black ties to secure it on the rail. Finally, plug your recliner chair into the transformer. Use the complete cycle to test the operation of the chair.

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How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back?

If your recliner leans uncomfortably on one side, the back may be broken. Perhaps the chair is old or just used too roughly. Other causes of a broken back include uneven padding, leaning frame, or uneven floor. With the basic knowledge and a few tools, you can fix the recliner back mechanism in easy way.

A recliner chair can have three types of backs: Bolted on backs, locking lever, or locking tabs. With the locking lever, the brackets attached to the back. These backs flipped downwards. After that, you must lock them on the metal posts of the seat. For locking tabs/catches, the back locked into place. You must remove the bracket fasteners and then tighten them. Use a screwdriver as it is better than using the hands.

The bolted on backs recliner chairs mean the back is beneath the panel. Each is slightly different, so learn a few things before you begin the task. In some models, you may have to use a flathead screwdriver to remove the bolts/screws. That way, it’s much easier to separate the back and the base. If you realize the back is loose after sliding it on, tighten the bracket fasteners.

Once you remove the back, turn the chair in an upright position. To re-install the back, the side of the arms should rest above the slots. You should lift the back gently to ensure it’s in line with the brackets. For a 3-leg position high-leg recliner, lift the recliners to locate the brackets. Another important tip is that you must ensure that the back gets fixated with the body.

The easiest way to test whether you have re-installed the back properly is to move it sideways. If the brackets move out of position, then they are not properly fit. Be sure to use a slotted screwdriver to push the lever down. Sometimes, loose levers may cause injuries when you don’t handle them carefully. Also, you must lock each bracket individually. If you have problems fixing a recliner chair back, get in touch with a dealer for further help.

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How to Fix the Swivel Plate Mechanism for Recliner Chair

The movement of a recliner on the surface may cause damage to the swivel base. You may notice a pattern of wear and tear, which may differ depending on how the seat is used. Ensure the swivel plate is in top-notch condition; there are a few things you can do. But before you undertake any repairs, identify the model of the chair. Some recliners come with a manual swivel, while others are automatic. Each requires a different method of repair.

For recommendations on any part that needs replacement, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual. To remove the swivel base, reveal the underside of your recliner. This work finished by turning the chair on its side. The idea is to see the lower end of the column where it meets with the base. If you spot some rust, use a lubricant.

In most models, you’ve to find nuts that hold the swivel and the base together. Use a wrench to separate the various components. If they are stiff, a little lubrication will do the magic. You should separate the nuts from the bolts. Then, pull the base from the support to separate the parts. Sometimes, a simple fastening of nuts and bolts can fix the swivel problem. A general rule of thumb when shopping for a repair part is to ensure that the base can support the weight capacity recommended by the manufacturer. Also, pay attention to the number of ball bearings within the unit.

A swivel base may have a separate column or can fit on the existing column. You may have to use a hammer to strike the inner column. This work makes it easier to remove. Before you replace the swivel, ensure the internal components of the column are intact. Just like in the removal process, the new swivel plate mechanism must align to the holes of the base. Insert the bolts and lock them with the nuts. Next, use a wrench to tighten them properly. Once you’re done, it’s time for testing.

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How to Replace Cup Holder of a Recliner

There’s a wide range of recliner cup holders – from plastic to touch LED cup holders. They are designed to create a home theater style and keep your drinks cool as you watch your favorite game/movie. If the button on the cup holder makes a `click’ sound, there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you can’t hear the sound, you have a faulty cup holder. To ensure you get the perfect fit, you should contact the manufacturer. Measure the inner and outer diameter to eliminate the guesswork out of the equation. Also, consider the cup height, bottom height, materials used, and color.

First, you must remove the warning label. Next, remove the four screws at the base and keep them safe. With the help of other people, carefully roll the incline on its back. Then, cut the cable ties that hold the wires. Disconnect the lounge from the wall and unplug the two cables. Unzip the dust cover and then place the wires at the back of the lounge. After that, pull the cup holder from the top. Install the new cup holder back on the arm. Keep in mind that you have to feed the wires back into the Velcro loop. Plug the wires together and secure them on the frame with cable ties. This combination will ensure they don’t tangle.

Close the zip on the dust cover and then cut the excess cable ties. With the help of a friend, you can roll the seat back onto feet. Reattach the four screws at the bottom of the cup holder. Make sure you don’t tighten them too much to avoid damaging the threads. Finally, replace the warning label and the plastic cup. Make sure it sits perfectly without protruding.

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How to Replace a Recliner Mechanism Release Trigger

Maintaining the release trigger on your recliner is a simple DIY task. First, flip it over to expose the bottom part. The tools you need include 11 mm-socket with an extension, wrench, and a screwdriver. The first step is to release the cable from the trigger. Since there are different adjustment holes, remember which one you took out of. Perhaps you can mark it to so you can easily identify once you’re done. You can also see the fill-up bolt and the coil spring that cause tension on the trigger.

The whole component should have a small tension spring, plastic bushing, and the bolt. If the nut ever wears out or gets rust, replace it with a new one. Before you buy a new replacement cable, you must consider the length, height, and width. A standard cable length is 88cm, with an outer spring length of 12.5cm. If you’re doing the manual measurement, be sure to allow for a 0.5 -1” difference. The cable should have a 5mm barrel (S-shaped). If you’re not sure of the size, get in touch with the manufacturer. Quality also matters – most cables made of aluminum alloy. A spring end of 90mm will also fit in most chairs.

To re-install the trigger, put back the cable on the hole where you removed it. Next, take your nut and screw it. Because you can easily locate the nut inside the mechanism, use a ratchet to tighten it. Also, make sure you put the cable back. Once completed the work, place the recliner in an upright position. Test it to ensure everything works perfectly. This procedure works well if your seat has recliner mechanism.

How to perform maintenance on your reclining mechanism release trigger?

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How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side

There are many reasons for your recliner leans on one side. The wooden frame could loosen up over time, or it may break the linkage mechanism. Your recliner can also lean on one side for the unevenness of the floor or poor padding. Thankfully, you can get your seat back in shape with just the basic knowledge. All you need are a few tools to tighten the bolts, nuts, and screws.

Before you get started, ensure the footrest closed. Next, tilt the recliner forward to expose the underside. For those chairs with an adjustable recliner tension, you’ll find a pair of thumbwheels. While the exact placement may vary, each connected to the tension springs, rotate the wing nuts/thumbwheels to adjust the tension. To increase the tension, rotate it in a clockwise direction. And if you want to release it, turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. Your goal should be to adjust the tension to make sure it’s equal on both sides. If the mechanism is too tight, use a pair of pliers.

Sometimes, the screws, springs, and padding may need to be replaced. Identify the attachment point and remove them. If the contact point between the screws and the wooden part is loose, you can use wood fillings. You can also use a matchstick or a toothpick to do this. If the springs mount on metal, the mounting place may be worn out.

The springs should have a smooth elasticity. Also, they should stretch at the same level. If the springs mount onto the wood, make sure the screw holes are not bigger. Last, check if everything is done right and replace the upholstery.



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How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

Recliner footrest problem is common thing and you can fix it easily. when you will slam down the footrest of your recliner again and again, it can easily destroy permanently. A recliner footrest will damaged if it’s caught in one unrelenting position, refuses to lock in place, or doesn’t stay up. To fix the problem, you must need a screwdriver, bolts, lubricant oil, and screws. So, follow below these step to fix or adjust a lazy boy power recliner footrest or other brand recliner chair footrest.

If the recliner feels stiff, there’s probably no lubrication. The bolts and screws could loosen too. First, turn the recliner upside down. You need to check if the screws/bolts are rusted or loose. If you see any that needs to be replaced or tightened, then do so. Other than that, you can change rusted screws with new ones. Once you ensure everything is in order, lubricate the bushings/joints on the footrest. Then, try to move the arm up and down. Finally, use a towel to remove the excess grease.

What if the recliner chair footrest has a problem with adjusting mechanism? It does mean that the adjustable feature doesn’t work. It’s hard to move the footrest, or it could stay the mid-path. Look for a spring-like component that connects the footrest to the bushings. Next, grab a screwdriver and dismantle everything that connects to the springs. Get the spring out and check that everything is tightened up. Check the mechanism to see how it works. If it moves smoothly, then you’ve fixed the footrest recliner problem.

What is the footrest gets stuck? If the ratchets don’t work, the footrest will get stuck. There are many ways to approach the issue, depending on the severity of the problem. You need a wrench, screwdriver, and replacement ratchet. First, place the recliner upside down. Disassemble everything that can stop you from reaching the ratchet. Get the bar out and examine it to ensure it’s not broken. To replace the ratchet, take out the screws that keep it in place. If need be, grab the replacement part and install it. To ensure it adjusts every piece screw everything down. Check whether the footrest is moving up and down without problems.

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Recliners are not just fun pieces of furniture – it designs them for comfort and rest. As long as you understand the quirks and features of a recliner chair, the repair process is straightforward. Even if you’ve never repaired a recliner before, it can solve most of the problems easily. Just take the right tools and get down to work. We think this article on how to fix a recliner chair mechanism helped you. So, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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