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The FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Review Must Have

If you are really familiar with the comfortable sitting industry at all, then you have heard about FDW recliner chair.  you’ve definitely come across the FDW name, when you’ve been buying for recliner chair online; after all, this is one of the most popular brands on the market. Here, We try to give you a honest FDW recliner review and details.

Theater chairs are incredibly expensive. Whether you choose to recycle old original theater chairs or buy custom-designed, new theater chairs, you will find them generally to be a substantial price. That is why this chair is such a find. A well designed, fully-featured chair for a price that won’t break the bank. This FDW wingback recliner chair review takes a closer look at the product and gives an honest opinion of its good points and bad.


  • Price – it is very competitively price.
  • Great choice of colors
  • Available worldwide
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable


  • Arms coverings are fragile, can push through backing material with elbows.
  • No locking on reclining footrest it can lower itself on occasions
  • The reclining mechanism can damage hardwood floors on occasions.

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Details Features FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Review

Choice of Colors

The FDW Wingback Recliner Chair comes in a choice of six different colors, so that they can be matched to your decor. The chair currently comes in black, brown, beige fabric, grey, orange, or red. Note the chair manufactured in durable PU apart from the beige fabric version.

For those who are not sure what PU is, let me explain. PU is an artificial leather material made from split leather, which is the leftover fibers from the hide remnants. This synthetic leather is then covered in polyurethane.

FDW Recliner Review on Simple Recline Adjustment

FDW-Recliner-reviewThe chair features an easy to use pushback function, which is so very easy to use. Push back with your legs, and the footrest rises at the same time as the back reclines. For those users who want to buy multiple chairs for a home cinema, there are no recline controls on the side, like some models. This design means that you can push the chairs together, side by side, in true cinematic style.

Review on Simple Installation of FDW

I have to say that one of the things that most impressed me with this product is the absolutely simple installation process. It comes in one box with the backrest separated from the base, and with four feet to add. I just have to say that the installation video is the most precise and best produced I have ever seen. Anyone could assemble this chair in less than five minutes.

Does FDW Recliner Comfortable?

FDW Comfortable ReclinerThis FDW chair is very comfortable and perfect for those wanting to de-stress and unwind. People have purchased this chair for office use, cinema rooms, living rooms, and dens. It is so easy to just slide back into the recline position. The PU material feels fresh and the thick layers of padding, and the wide supportive arms just complete the picture.

FDW Recliner Resistant Review

The creators of this chair have thought about the practical aspects of everyday use and have ensured that the material is sunlight resistant and will not fade if placed near a window. The PU material is also very resistant to spillages. PU material is not as sturdy as real leather, which lasts unmarked for ten to twenty years. PU will begin to crack and show “character” in just a few years. Of course, it is substantially cheaper than real leather.

Review on FDW Recliner Design

The chair has been designed with classic proportions so that it fits in a smaller footprint. The chair is excellent as a single chair but can also be pushed together with others to give the impression of a row of cinema seats, for use in a cinema room. The choice of colors is varied and will complement every style of decor.

The chair will recline so that the user is nearly horizontal. Larger people need have no fear about the size as it accommodates bigger people as well. The size of the chair is 63 x 27 x 30 inches, and it weighs 58 pounds.

Why you should buy this FDW recliner?

The design of this chair makes it suitable for a variety of uses. It can, of course, just be used in a sitting room, as a recliner for relaxing and watching TV. It can also be used in commercial premises as the black version will fit in with office decor. Of course, the chair primarily designed as a chair for a cinema room.

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The Important FDW Recliner FAQ

How does the FDW chair get shipped?

The chair shipped in one box, which is 30x28x21 inches. It is effortless to put together, and there is an excellent video showing the assembly on the Amazon website. All you need to do is slide the back in place and fix the four feet.

Can a person with a considerable Butt fit in the chair?

A person who is a 16 to 18 dress size would have two or three inches spare either side. Unless you are excessively broad, you will be able to fit in the chair. It is an average size chair, so if you usually have problems, you may have issues with this one.

Is FDW recliner value for money?

The chair is excellent value for money, as one of the lower-priced reclining chairs, but it is still full-featured, so yes, I would undoubtedly say it is excellent value for money.

What countries is it available in?

It is available worldwide, but as a more substantial item, delivery costs will be a significant factor. The price for delivery to Europe or Asia is over twice the base price. If you are in USA and you can buy this item easily.

What materials used in construction?

The chair upholstered in PU (fake leather) in all colors except beige, which is a canvass material. The frame of the chair constructed in hardwood, as are the legs.


If you are looking for a budget-priced, cinema-style, reclining chair to use in your living room, bedroom, or home cinema, then this is the perfect buy. Reclining chairs like this can often cost substantially more, and to bring in a product at this price, the manufacturer has had to make savings. This product uses artificial leather, and the backing material in the armrests is not as durable as would be ideal.

If you take into consideration the known weaknesses of this product, like the armrests, and modify your actions, don’t dig your elbows down hard into the armrests, then there is not a problem. What you do get is a comfortable chair, looks expensive, is an attractive styling, all at an affordable price. It is undoubtedly worth the money. Thanks for reading this FDW wingback recliner chair review, I hope it has been useful.

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