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  1. Hi
    You can fix this problem but contact the repair center in your local area.

  2. Hi
    Medicaid and Medicare do not cover it.

  3. Just click the link in the product you will see details.

  4. Amazon is the best place to buy sleep chair and you can get it.

  5. Hi thanks for contact us. You can contact company support. If you bought from Amazon you can contact amazon support.

  6. I you want to customize it wheel then you need professional repair man who will work for you. or you can do it yourself.

  7. Thanks for your interest.

  8. No, this is designed for overall average Hight people between 4′ to 6.5′

  9. Hi you visit this link and try to get your replacement parts.

  10. We recommend to buy from Amazon and fast shipping.

  11. You can replacement parts for slabway massage chair on amazon here.

  12. Hi Audrey Hall,
    Thanks for contact with us this chair sold by Slabway Seller in Amaz. You can contact direct Amazon support Centre.

  13. You can read on comparison review here.

  14. I think this mechanism was built with custom which has no bolt removal option. You can do it if you found machine cutter or repair centre near you, they will set bolts and create slot. Thanks

  15. Watch in video .

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